Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nagomi Shabu Shabu . Sushi Bar

I have been sick for a couple of days, and when I'm down with flu, I have to eat something that has very strong taste and aroma. That day, Vincent took me to Nagomi - A place for shabu shabu and a sushi bar in Menara Hap Seng.

He said the warm steamboat will ease my flu and running nose, and we have enjoy some quality time here. The surrounding is very quiet. Soft warm lighting fill the place. It was very relaxing.

The pot for our shabu shabu activity.

This is part of the menu. It explains what shabu shabu is.

The menu.

We ordered only a pot of the shabu shabu. There were a few options for the soup, just like our local steamboat restaurants. The shabu shabu Starter Set comes with the vege (picture below) and costs RM15.00.

Vincent got very excited and started swishing the vege into the boiling pot. It does feel good... The warmth from the pot and the smell...

For the add-on, he ordered the 150gm sliced ribeye beef (RM18.00). This was very delicious once we dip it in the hot boiling soup. The beef is very fresh!

He also add on 100gm of chicken. These slices of chicken have been well marinated. It tasted and smelled good when we dip it in the pot of boiling soup. It made the soup taste better too! smiley face

For his love of tofu, he ordered an extra plate of tofu too (RM3.00). He claimed this is much softer and smoother than the ones he had before Ashamed Smileys

Being greedy (am blaming the flu), I ordered the Chicken Katsu Delights Set (RM24.90). I don't fancy the chicken katsu (I've tasted better chicken katsu elsewhere) though.

The set comes with a scoop of ice-cream. Choice of ice-cream includes Green Tea, Black Sesame, Vanilla and Chocolate. I went for the Green Tea, and did not regret it one bit! I love it! It's really good. The green tea taste was just right! Yummy!

A simple dinner came up to a whopping RM79.25! Hmm too fancy for a weeknight dinner I reckon... But Vincent said it's OK since I was not feeling well... LOL excuses just to spend money! smiley face


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