Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Tea Ceremony - Kelly & Cheryn

Yet another wedding that I have attended. This time, it is for one of my closest cousin, Mr. Kelly Chow, and his sweet wife, Ms. Cheryn Kum.

My cousin had actually asked my sister and I to tag along to seek the bride on 26th September 2009, but it was too early. We have to be at his place in Cheras by 7am! So my sister and I skipped that and made it to his mum's place in Cheras at about 10am.

That's my cousin sister... She loves taking picture and modeling for my camera! Cute huh?!

That's my cousin sister, my sister (Audrey) and I

My brother, dad and myself.

At about 11am, my cousins came back with the bride. I know Chery way back when I was still in college. She used to do facials for me. She looks gorgeous!

The Chinese traditional way of marriage - tea ceremony to in-laws.

Picture with the groom's family.

Picture with the uncles and aunts from the groom's mum's side of the family.

Picture with his cousins.

This is special request LOL. A picture with my sister and another close cousin of mine. We are the same age and we have loads of baby pictures together!

Finally, managed to have a picture with the groom.

This is another one of my closest cousin. He is the groom's brother and is the same age as me.

My lil brother in action again - with an ang pau!

This is my dad's typical role. He always have to chop the roast pork for everyone. He didn't have an extra shirt at that time, and that newspaper is his acting apron.

My cousin and his new bride has been living in their new place. This time, only the friends followed them back to their home. My sister and I are curious cos we haven't been to his home, so we tagged along. When we arrived, it was suggested to have the flower bouquet toss. My cousin didn't allow me to go cos he said my marriage is already confirmed and told me not to waste the toss Sleepy Smileys

While we were waiting for the girls to gather, it was picture time. Time to practice my skill too! Since we were at the condo's swimming pool/garden area, the scenery acts as a fantastic background.

From hereon, I'm using a different lens. I dunno what lens it is cos one of the photographers my cousin hired lent me his lens smiley face The photographers are actually my cousin's colleagues, and were very friendly. The picture that was taken with this was magnificent! I love this lens. It is easier to focus and I get to capture exactly what I see!

I love this picture.

After the toss, we went into their home. This is their bed.

Customary has it that the groom is to carry the bride into the room.

It was a fun day, witnessing my cousin stepping into the married live. We've played together since we were little and now, we are all on our different paths to starting our own family. Time flies!


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