Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pre-Wedding Dinner - Alex

Alex Kwan - He is Vincent's best-est friend ever... Practically brothers! It is yet another joyful celebration of holy matrimony of his best friend on 3rd Oct 2009. Typically, there will be a pre-wedding dinner at the groom's and bride's separately. Obviously, we attended the groom's dinner.

Friends who came for the pre-wedding dinner. All to help in seeking the bride the next day.

Us girls - 2 married vs 2 engaged.

Since we will hang out longer in Alex's place, we went and check out his newly decorated room. This is the picture they chose to hang on the wall.

Other necessities for a traditional wedding. I still have no idea what is the purpose.

The ever-famous double happiness sticker.

Notice how this is always placed on the bed? I've seen this 3 times in a month. I only know the meaning of one of the items... and have no idea what are the rest.

At about 11pm, it is time for Alex to perform his prayers.

We left around 12am++. The next day is to seek the bride. Coming up, next post.


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