Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Gasing

After paying a visit to Moniq at the Gasing vet, We went to the New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at Gasing. I heard that the chicken rice here is very good, so we give it a go though Vincent is a bit skeptical as he always think that the best chicken rice is at Pudu.

The place has 2 floors, and was already crowded when we went there at about 2 pm. There were many waiters to ensure that service was fast and efficient. When I looked at the menu, I realised that there was no price stated on the menu at all. It was just words and some picture illustrations.

The "Oil Chicken Rice" - RM1.60 per plate.

Instead of having roasted chicken like we usually do, we try something different this time. We ordered the steamed chicken instead. RM8.00 for portion of 2 people. The chicken is very tasty and very tender. I ordered the chicken breast and it was delicious! The sauce was not too salty nor oily. And the chicken was not really fat too.

The BBQ Pork - RM9.00. Portion is a little too small I must say, and I find it a tad too sweet. Even the pieces were chopped too harshly and big. I'd prefer thinly sliced and crispier BBQ pork.

Without fail, I need some vegetable, so we ordered the Bean Sprout - RM3.00. I find it too oily for a vege dish... I couldn't even finish this dish because of that.

I haven't had this is ages, and when I saw a picture of this in the menu, I ordered it immediately. This is the Gold Bar Fish Cake - RM4.50. This fish cake is tangy and yummy! Though the sauce that came with this tasted funny, I enjoyed eating just this alone.

Not a bad place to try something new... But we are very KL inclined people. Unless we are here in the neighborhood, we might come back. If not, we'll just stick to good ol' Pudu for the best chicken rice!

107 Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya
03 7956 0958


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