Friday, October 9, 2009

Wedding Reception - Kelly & Cheryn

The dinner reception for my cousin was on the 3rd Oct 2009 - The Mid-Autumn Festival Day. Dinner was held at Selayang Palace Restaurant in Selayang. The place is HUGE! There were 2 level, and the level we were at had 4 halls... And ALL 4 halls were booked! All were booked for wedding dinner! Hmm apparently the 15th Day of the 8 month in Lunar year is a good day for weddings. I was thinking of having mine on this day too... Such warmth.

The wedding favor. Since there were at least 4 couples having their wedding dinner, the traffic was really bad. Guests could only arrived at 9pm! On 2nd thoughts, I won't have my wedding during the peak period.

It's picture time! These are my cousins. Although they are very young, but they are the same generation as me!

My cousin sisters.

Finally, a picture of myself and my sister... Look alike?

My sister with the bride. Now, who is taking the picture for us with my SLR? That would be my lil brother! Yes, he's only 7 years old but he does pick up fast when I taught him how to use the camera. I wouldn't have let him touch it if I was not trying to make him happy. What make him pout? Well, let's just say some people never change... even after 20 years. They can't just lend my brother something that they were not using... Such selfish thoughts happened to my sister and I when we were little, and now our brother has to endure the same fate! That ain't gonna happen with us around! I gave him my SLR. It's finally our turn to dismiss you!

That's my cute Uncle Billy. When we were young, we were to call him only Billy cos he doesn't like the term "Uncle". Now, he wants us to call him Uncle Billy. LOL!

My cousin and his bride. Bride looks stunning huh?!

The bride's 2nd outfit. I like her dress! I have this thing for white wedding gowns with black details, and this is just gorgeous! Isn't it?

This little girl is one of my cousin's daughter. This is the first time I see her (LOL). Cute huh?

I like the warmth and joyous mood of the Mid-Autumn Day... But I won't be having my wedding dinner on that day. It is just too packed... The service was bad, the food was cold, the traffic was horrible! It really isn't a good time for wedding dinner, but wedding tea ceremony... Hmm that might just work! Thinking smiley face


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