Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does she deserve this?

Really... Does Moniq deserve all these? She has been a good and loyal companion to this family. She protects us, loves us... Why should she go through all of these?

Just a quick update - We have checked her out from the vet in Cheras and moved her to another hospital. The vet in Cheras is just a clinic, and Vincent's family who has been there told us that the place is dirty and unhygienic. The clinic closes at 5pm, and they shut off all the lights, leaving poor Moniq in a muzzle and caged between 2 cats! How stupid is that?! WTF! Common sense has it that you don't put dogs and cats in close proximity! Damn!

We research to look for better hospitals, and found a forum that recommended the vet in Brickfields... So Vincent's dad and sister checked Moniq out on Wednesday and brought her there. They were told that their hospital branch is in Gasing, and that is where Moniq has spent the last 4 days.

Blood tests were done, and the diagnose from Gasing vet has it that Moniq's liver has been poisoned. By what? No definite answer. Her liver index is 1000 (normal index is 500)! That is double the normal standard! Her liver is not functioning due to the poison, and because of that, had caused internal bleeding near her stomach.

The vet says that they will keep transferring the liquid to her liver to flush out the poison, and then it's all up to Moniq. We are now taking turns to visit her and feed her.

Vincent and I went today. We arrived at 10.15am. I almost cry when I see her. She lost so much weight! And her legs were shaved revealing traces of multiple injection and needle poking! Computer Smileys We tried to feed her but she wouldn't eat at all! Her stomach is so bloated! The vet said that this could be the fluids. If the fluids that are transferred is staying in her stomach, meaning her liver is not functioning to flush the poison out... Meaning what we are doing is practically useless.

We spent about 3 hours just sitting with her, stroking her. She just sat next to us and not move. It's so heartbreaking to see her like this! Where is the dog that used to come to me when I call her? Where is the Moniq that will jump up to my leg when I signal her? Where is the beloved dog that would eat just about anything that I feed her with?

I can't go on anymore. I'm just too emotional to type on. I miss her so much.


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