Monday, October 26, 2009

Who has the right?

We have decided to send Moniq for surgery... And her surgery is tomorrow, 27.10.09. This is an "exploratory surgery", whereby the surgery is perform to explore what has happened in the body clearly. It is different from the therapeutic surgery", which means they can "correct" the situation on the surgery table then and there.

This is a very difficult situation and choice because:
1) Her liver is not functioning "properly" - Doctors do not normally perform surgeries on pet that has that liver diagnosis but for her case, we do not have any choice left.
2) She might not be able to withstand the sedation. If for whatever reason her organs can't withstand the sedation, she might not even get to open her eyes and leave the surgery table alive.
3) If she gets through 1st and 2nd part, once a sample is taken from her liver, they will stitch her back. Since her organs are not functioning well enough, her wound will take longer time to recover, and she will feel more pain than usual during the recovery.
4) The liver sample will be sent to Australia for test, and it will take 10-14 days. During this period, Moniq can't come home yet. She has to continue her IV drips and blood tests, and hope that her liver will flush out the fluids and poison to avoid her stomach from bloating anymore.
5) After the sample test reports come back, the vet can tell what is her "real" diagnosis is, and will then only be able to confirm if she can be cured or not. There is no confirm answer if there will definitely be a cure once the report is back.
6) The vets have not perform such procedure with a pet that is in this situation. It is a very high-risk surgery.

We can choose to skip through all these, and just choose to put her to sleep... But who has the right to decide the life and death of a dog? Shouldn't it be the dog itself? She has her right to fight to live, and we are giving her this chance. Even though it will costs a bomb for the whole process, but we have no right whatsoever to deny her rights to live. We will let Moniq and God decide her fate.

I wanna thank those who showed their concern and has kept Moniq in their prayers. Pls continue to do so. Her surgery is tomorrow, and I do hope Moniq will fight for her life. She must know that we are all here for her, waiting for her to come home with us.

Actually, I have a picture of Moniq in the hospital, with the IV drips, shaved legs, bloated stomach, shrunk body and neck, but it's just too excruciating to post it up here. It hurts so much.


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