Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It was (almost) a good day

Moniq's schedule surgery is today, and Vincent's dad was there. The exploratory surgery started at 12.30pm. Vincent and I were worried sick... We really don't know what we can do anymore except to pray and hope that Moniq is strong enough to go through this.

At 4pm, I called the vet. The vet said "She is awake"! OMG! I was so happy! So thrilled to hear those words! When you thought you have just been blessed with good news after a week of gloominess, this is what came next - "When we cut it open, it is very bad". The vet told me that the liver is very bloated and is blocking the blood vessel, thus, the blood could not flow through to the intestine, carrying the "waste" out of the body. He tried to move the blood vessel but the liver is blocking the way. So he took a sample of the liver and sent it for test in Australia.

In the meantime, Moniq has awaken, and is now recovering. The vet said that she will be in more pain cos her wound will not heal "normally" due to the blockage of the blood. But then again, my dog proved yet again that she is willing to fight for her life by waking up after the surgery! I consider that a good sign already.

Vincent's dad told him that when Moniq was sent to the surgery room, her body was shaking furiously... It's like she knows what is gonna happen to her, and his dad said he saw tears dripping from her eyes... Poor Moniq... poor poor Moniq. I really pity her...

Pls recover soon, and come back to us.

Oh! On a different note, I finished work at 5.10pm and arrived home at 5.30pm today! YAY! There was power cut in the whole building at about 4.10pm. At first, I thought it was only the building, but even the shops around our building has no power too. Hmm...


uLi.佑莉 said...

She will recover soon!!

Justine said...

alhamdulilah bro! ur anjing will selamat!

Michelle Y said...

Uli: Thanks. We are all hoping for the same.

Justine: Terima kasih byk2. I pn harap die selamat dn sihat. You pegi sembahyang ye.

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