Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding Reception - Alex & Phoebe

As mentioned in the previous post, the wedding reception for Alex & Phoebe was held a week after the tea ceremony. Their dinner was held in Restaurant Golden Dragon Boat on 10.10.09.

Their banner which was placed at the reception. Some of the waitress that walked passed this banner said they are a beautiful couple.

The place was decorated with fresh flowers everywhere.

The early birds. We were there even before the groom and bride.

The deco on stage. The couple's names were comparatively small to the larger background of the stage though.

Dolls on the wedding cake.

My fiance and I. The theme for the night is black top with jeans. We added the fedora hat for a touch of our own Winks smiley face The groom will provide each of us a pink tie. The heng dai's will wear this for our lil "performance" later.

The 2 early helpers to collect the ang pau from the groom side. Check out the matching ties.

Picture with 2 of the heng dai's. One of them is a dad already. They said I looked like a porn star smiley face

See how well their matching attire and ties? Lovely rite? They were labeled "gangster" for the night.

The tidbits there were brought by the bride's family. This is something of an appetizers for their guests just in case the dinner starts late. Adorable aren't they?

Myself and the bride. Love her hairdo and the flowers.

The groom's dad and our ever popular singer started off the night with some songs.

Right after this song duet was the heng dai's and ji mui's "performance". I didn't have the picture here cos I was one of the participants and was unable to capture it with my camera. What happened was we marched in couple by couple accompanied by Black Eyed Peas' Tonight's gonna be a good night song. It was more of a ala red carpet and we had to stop to pose for the cameras. After about 15 couples, the main stars came in. Then all of us went to the stage, and the groom thanked his guests. We ended the performance with a bow, and left the stage. It was exhilarating and thrilling at the same time to be doing this!! Ask if I would do it again... Hell Yeah! smiley face

Obviously, that is Vincent with one of his "best friends" - Alcohol.

Toasting ceremony time. The groom and bride to pour the champagne.

Toast to thank the guests - YAM SING!

Continue yam sing!!

The BFF. Sentimental uncles.

Vincent went up to the stage to sing - Not his usual style. So I picked one of the fresh flowers and presented to him LOL.

The hero of the night - Taking the fall for one of the ladies. "GENG!" Will recruit him as the drinker next time Laughing smiley face

One of the next couple in line to join the wedding bandwagon I presume? smiley face

Or would this couple overtake them and walk down the aisle as husband and wife first?

The night didn't just end here. It became rather obscene, and in an uncomfortable way. I would say that it is not in my expectation, and though I'm open about it, there are just some lines that are not meant to be crossed. I mean, that's the reason why the lines were drawn in the first damn place rite?!

Well, I'm just gonna leave it as it is. Am keeping the fun and fond memories of the night, and throwing out the rest. Nevertheless, I wish this couple the best years ahead as husband and wife.

To Alex and Phoebe: May you love and hold each other in the worst of times with trust, faith and belied... Happy ever after!


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