Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warm Bak Kut Teh dinner

It rained heavily on Saturday evening, and by the time I woke up at 7pm (we were at the vet the whole afternoon), the rain has just slowed down to fine drizzle. Hunger for something warm and serves hot Chinese tea, Vincent suggested we go for bak kut teh.

It's been awhile since we've had that, so we went to this bak kut teh shop at Pudu called Yik Sek Ho. This is near the Pudu wet market.

We ordered for 2 people's portion for the bak kut teh soup. At a chill, windy night, nothing, soothes the feeling more than a warm pot of tasty bak kut teh... Ahh perfect! Soup is just tasty, the pork is tender, the vege is fresh... Best feeling!

This is my idea of bak kut teh - I call this the Black Soup LOL. I will pour the soup over my rice until it's flooded, then only I'll move on to the pork. It's just a habit I develop since I was a kid. Although this is not as good as the one in Jinjang, it really is not bad. One of the best actually.

One of the must-haves - the Yau Char Kuey. Vincent will fight for the black soup to dip this in it. Most bak kut teh shops serve this cold and soggy, but this is actually still very crispy. Thumbs up!

The soaked Tau Fu Pok. To me, there isn't much taste in this unless I go with lots of chili and garlic.

Definitely need this whenever I have bak kut teh is the red chili (the spicier the better)...

... And without doubt is the garlic. Mix the chili and garlic with soy sauce... Hmm what a pleasant delight!

Total bill came up to RM32.00. Standard price Vincent said.
Good place for us to enjoy bak kut teh.


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